Two years ago, I knew I needed to find a new doctor after spending years with a doctor that seemed to circle around my symptoms with various diagnoses, and medications (including Prozac- and that was the last straw). I had expressed to this doctor my concern about the pain in my joints, especially my wrists elbows and shoulders. I spoke to him about times when I could not focus on my work, like my brain was asleep, the extreme fatigue, and the times when, I would get up after sitting at my desk for some time, and not being able to take that first step without “balancing myself.” I even found that my contact lenses were feeling like potato chips in my eyes because my eyes would become so dry. I had a full knee replacement, and to this day I wonder if that was totally necessary.

The time came to switch Doctor’s and I was lucky enough to be referred by a friend to a Doctor of Osteopathy- a doctor who looks beyond the symptoms, but at the whole person and their environment and lifestyle and how it affects our well-being. He spent an hour speaking with me and I told him all of what I was going through. That is when he asked if I have ever been tested for autoimmune (which I had not) and sent me for bloodwork.

When my bloodwork was in, Dr. AhHA (I’ll call him that because this was the AhHA! moment) called me back into his office and said “ You have tested positive for autoimmune.” WHAT??? I was totally shocked by this. I remember feeling like the wind was just taken away from my spirit.

The next step was to go to a Rheumatologist, one that I had known for years, but never thought that one day I would need him. Further testing along with the list of symptoms I was experiencing, all pointed to the diagnosis of SLE (Systemic lupus erythematosus). I have Lupus , and it isn’t going away.

And that was the beginning of my autoimmune journey and the beginning of my never-ending research and quest for what I need to do to be well, and hopefully, no longer rely on the drugs that are standard prescribed protocol. What can I do to heal myself?

I was on a rocky road of uncharted waters. I knew nothing about Lupus- or autoimmune disease. I also did not realize that the medications come with a price. I had so much to learn, and conventional medicine does not teach you about your illness- it only provides you a diagnosis and the standard drugs prescribed for it.
I would like to share with you how I began my journey to wellness. And I truly hope that my blogs will in some way encourage you to your best health.

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